Welcome to Seismic Island Labs. A post production studio specializing in sound mixing, editing and mastering as well as video post production. Founder Drew Cady has been a sound designer in the Seattle area for 23 years.

For the last 13 years Drew has been a video game sound designer currently working for the online multiplayer video game Guild Wars 2.

Here are some ArenaNet videos showing how the team sound designs:

Guild Wars 2 Sennheiser video

Arena Twitch Bells and Missiles Raids 2015

Arena Twitch Bells and Missiles HOT 2015

Fireball Recording

Arena Field Recording

Arena Sound Design

Arena Satsop Recording

Recent Films include: 

Across the line VR

Nature Of The Sound

Hidden Pictures

Patriot Guard Riders

Drew's Audio Passions:

21 years as the Sound Engineer for Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra recording live, mixing and mastering.

Surround sound recording Drew recorded a Palate for Manna Presence and impulses of the Fort Warden Cisterns. With yes, 40 seconds of reverb!

Drew has lectured at The Berklee College of Music, DigiPen, Experience America and the Seattle Game Audio Group.

Plug-in development for Reaktor including; Input Morph, Velocity and Impactor.

After designing plugins, he also did a live Reaktor tutorial with SGAG, Practical Uses For Sound Design.

Other Passions:

Time-lapse as well as traditional photography. Produced 5DMC software that can control digital SLR cameras.

Woodworking and design

Is also an award-winning chocolatier!