Short Films

Unwrapped (2011)
Beaver, Perry N2N Studios (2005)
Dreamweaver (Post production, promotional advertising DVD’s)
Gaucher (Lefty) (2004) (Winner, Best Short at the Milwaukee Film Festival)

Filmmaking Challenges:
Shut Eye (2008)
Red Shed Films: Cranius Rectus (2009) Journey to the Center of Bush's Brain (2008)  
She Never Screams (2006)
2004: Drift, Micro-Management, Pre


Hidden Pictures (2013)

Patriot Guard Riders (2011)

Atlantis Approaching The Movie(2006)

Music Projects

Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra (1995-2013)

Manna Presence (2012-13)

Yesod (live production for multi-piece band)